Personalized Flight Training

Mountain Flying Training 

For pilots / owners of Cirrus aircraft (SR20, SR22, SR22TN, SR22T) we offer a specific "Cirrus Mountain Training" based on the EASA requirements "FCL.815 Mountain Rating". Typical content:


Ground School
(est. 3 - 4 hours)


  • Weather (Mountain Waves, Up- & Downdrafts, Foehn, WX-Briefing)
  • Flight Planning (Differences to flat-land flying, Density Altitude, Performance, National Parks, Human performance & limitations)
  • Mountain Flying Techniques (Ridge/Pass Crossing, Low Flying in valleys, U-Turn in narrow valleys, Engine Management)
  • Mountain Airports / Altiports (Charts, procedures, climb gradient, specific airport qualifications, short field takeoff / landings)
  • Equipment & Emergencies (Mountain Accidents / CFIT, Survival)
  • Review of the last Cirrus accidents in the alps (VFR, IFR)



VFR Flight
(est. 1.5 - 2 days)


In the VFR part the Alps are crossed at least twice and typically the following airports are flown to:

  • Austria: Salzburg (LOWS), St. Johann in Tirol (LOIJ), Zell am See (LOWZ), Niederoblarn (LOGO)
  • Italy: Bolzano (LIPB), Trento (LIDT), Asiago (LIDA)
  • Switzerland: Samedan/St.Moritz (LSZS), Locarno (LSZL), Lugano (LSZA), Sion (LSGS)
  • France: Annecy (LFLP), Chambery (LFLB)
  • Slovenia: Bled (LJBL)


IFR Flight
(est. 0.5 - 1 days)


In the IFR part, the following airfields are typically flown to:

  • Salzburg (LOWS)
  • Innsbruck (LOWI)
  • Graz (LOWG)
  • Lugano (LSZA)
  • Zell am See (LOWZ) – Cloud Breaking


Procedure & Preparation
The training will be conducted by a Platinum Cirrus Standardized Instructor Pilot (CSIP), helicopter pilot and flight examiner.
It can be conducted either on the customer's own aircraft or on a Cirrus SR22T G5 GTS (fully equipped with Cirrus Perspective) from Salzburg. Optionally, a combination with the annual IFR-Proficiency or VFR-Check for the renewal of the SEP-Class Rating or US FAA BFR/IPC is possible.

The "Mountain Flying Bible" by Sparkey Imeson is recommended for preparation.

Youtube Mountain Flying Online Course
As part of COPA University, two online Mountain Flying courses (in English) were published in 2021.

Additional Information

Recent article on "Cirrus Mountain Flying Accidents" in the Austrian Alps from COPA Magazine:  

Mountain Flying Accidents
COPA_Pilot-Artikel Hochenrieder.pdf (1.98MB)
Mountain Flying Accidents
COPA_Pilot-Artikel Hochenrieder.pdf (1.98MB)

The Mountain Flying Training can of course also be conducted on other aircraft types (e.g. Cessna, Piper or Diamond) in addition to Cirrus.

Mountain Flying Training
PDF Version of this website
Cirrus Mountain Training en.pdf (347.64KB)
Mountain Flying Training
PDF Version of this website
Cirrus Mountain Training en.pdf (347.64KB)